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Thursday, November 11, 2010

di tag.. mengetag.. dan tertag...

huhuhuhu... sudah lama cik fatin tidak menunjukkan diri nya.. ari ni baru keluar.. wah wah wah.. siap dengan tag pda sy.. hehehhe... ari ni.. sy akan bls tag dr cik fatin.. ok??
"once you have been tagged,you are supposed to write a note with 25 random,things,facts or goal about the end,choose 25 people to be have to tagged the person who tagged you.if i tag you,its because i want to know more about you."

here is 25 things about me..
but first of all.. rsa cam interview kerja lak.. so i'm gonna put my id pic.. :)

1 - My name is Ahmad Kamal B Januddin @ Ibrahim

2 - I used to be a fat boy before.. but i lost 10Kg within 3 months..

3 - i got 10 siblings.. and i'm at number 9..

4 - i love poem especially the road not taken by robert frost and life brief candle by W.S.

5 - i'm not rihanna and "i hate the way u lie".. just be honest to me..

6 - an ordinary guy who want to make an extraordinary things

7 - france.. i just love to be there..

8 - i am not a good guy "even a good boy do the bad things"

9 - i will survive to see what happen tomorrow

10 - talk to me.. then i will talk to u..

11 - i'm single.. yet available..

12 - it is easy to see me.. but hard to find me.. (in actual meaning.. u wont understand me)

13 - regret.. is always happen to me..

14 - "missing" and "lost" is my meal every single day

15 - dont make me love u.. not until u really sure..

16 - mariah carrey is my fav singer

17 - love to collect movie tickets.. i got a box of movie ticket (assume that i love watching movie)

18 - i owe my friend much especially MUHAMMAD HAFIZ BAKAR (dont know how to pay back)

19 - i am an extended final year student.. gonna survive my final year "alone"..

20 - i got lots of pic frame in my room.. the picture of people that i love so much..

21 - every single day i wish that i could meet my parent..

22 - once i tell u to hang out with me.. its mean that i'm gonna pay u all day long..

23 - i aint perfect and i dont claim to be so..

24 - dont u ever pull the trigger over me.. or u'll get shot..

25 - hope that u accept me the way i am.. :)

ok ok ok.. now is taging time.. actually i dont really have much friend to be tag with.. huhuhu.. not even followers.. anyway.. the rule is still a rule.. :)

these are the people that i want to know bout..


  1. wuwuwu tag.. tp sue da kne tag nih..ngeh4.

  2. haha! asal gua ade? hutang dulu buley? ngee~

  3. eh eh. hansem la lu. pewit, ngorat sikit! ngee~

  4. chentamaya.. skali skala mengetag..
    x slah kn.. :)

    handsome?? huhuhu.. biasa2 jer pun.. :)


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