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Monday, May 23, 2011

-- another simple entry --

hi everyone... how are u guys?? hope everybody is fine.. jalani hidup sementara masih bisa.. ok?? hurmmmm... tak banyak yang aku nak perkatakan kat sni.. actually aku tak tahu nk ckp aper.. ni pun curi2 time..

first of all.. kepada sumer requester aku kat fb n tagged.. sorry... aku tak dpt nk app lagi korg nyer request k.. x smpt plus xder msa.. sorry jgak klu ader comment2 yg ad mention nama aku dan ak x get back..
to all messenger via iphone or b;acberry and ipad and bla bla bla.. sorry jgak.. i got no mood to reply back.. uhukkkk..

to my mum and my dad.. rindu kat mak ngan abah jgak.. baru kini amat mengerti peritnya hidup ni.. :(

oh yeah.. its is the second day aku kat sni.. terperap.. dikorek.. dimasuk.. itu dan ini.. hope everything will be ok soon.. and.. yeah... i miss someone.. :) someone that i miss so much... uhukkkk... L#B#... RINDU.. SAYANG DAN CINTA KAMU... URMMMMM.....

lagu ni ditujukan khas kepada asmara tercinta... this song remind me bout u.. tp lagu dakmie tu masih lagi jadi message tone saya.. :) and yes.. i do still remember that.. purple is ure favorite color..

I wore the clothes you like
You said they gave me that look
I even tried to like the food
I know you like to cook
I parted my hair on the left
I carried your arm on the right
I slept late in the morning
And stayed out late at night.

I can't give anymore of my soul away
And still look myself in the mirror everyday
I can't change anymore of what makes me be myself
And still have enough left not to be somebody else
I'm not demanding as a man
Just asking you love me for what I am.

I tried hard not to say the things you don't like to hear
And when to you it was apricot I nibbled on your ear
I open the door up for you, I keep my big mouth shut
But I've been moving down while you been going up.

ok lah.. time to sleep.. bye...

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