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Monday, November 23, 2009

hate ya....

WHAT THE F--- .....
u throw me away.. and here u come back.. spit on me.. and now you were begging to lick it back.. what the hell u think i'm... i'm not as cheap as u think.. the way u talked to me.. the word u state on me.. the mockery u put on me... do u think i'm gonna let u go?? forgive u??? forget your fault?? others will say "its easy to 4give but hard to forget" but for me.. once u broke mine.. u'll never get my appologies nor want me to 4get..

BITCH.. dont u ever talk to me... i aint got friend like u.. and i'll never get one..

the hate u create upon me... u'll never know how much i feel.. how deep the scratch was.. u'll never know..

so... before u point your finger over me... make sure your hands are clean.. this is a story that full of sound and fury.. the mark will never get clean.. only for the person that i mean...


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